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About Me

I'm a certified Sound Healer living in Halifax, Nova Scotia. I love connecting with like-minded people and sharing my experiences and successes with Sound Healing and energy work. I look forward to building a community of self-healers by empowering others through restorative wellness techniques.

Nurturing Wellness Through
Sound Therapy and Relaxation


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One on One Sessions

Powerful individual sound sessions, customized to your needs. Melt into deep relaxation,
bathed in healing sounds and vibrations.
We can even come to you!

Group Sessions

Join an existing group or create your own group and indulge in the healing sounds of singing bowls, gongs, koshi chimes and drums as you relax deep into the mat.

Special Events

Sound Healing parties,workshops couple sessions and corporate events. Begin your Sound healing journey or enhance your existing self-care routine at one of our special events.


"I thoroughly enjoyed the treatment I experienced with Jennifer. Self-care/relaxation are extremely important and more so during this time. The sound therapy session provided a relaxing tranquil “escape” in my day. I was sad to see my session come to an end. I would definitely recommend incorporating sound therapy into your self-care regime."


Jennifer's sound healing was absolutely magical. The experience itself was incredible. I thought I felt relaxed when I started, but by the time it was finished, I had a completely new understanding of relaxation. I could feel my body twitching and loosening up, as the sounds vibrated through my body. I could feel it moving the energy around, as there were times I had certain emotional releases happen, and even started laughing at one point.

My body felt so free and open at the end. I felt lighter, and even in the days following, could tell how much more open my body, and especially my third eye felt. I would certainly recommend this sound healing to anyone looking to work through any pain, feel more relaxed, and just generally open themselves up to feeling more pleasure in life


Yesterday I an amazing experience with Jennifer Langille, a Sound Therapist. It was an experience like no other. She created beautiful sounds to align my chakras & to heal my body, mind & spirit. I was amazed how much better hip felt.


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