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My Story

A Blessing in Disguise

In 2017 I was invited by a friend to a transformational coaching workshop. During this workshop, they did a guided meditation with a gong and it was the first time I was actually successful at meditating! I focused on the sound and my mind stood still. That was it, I was mesmerized. I had tried meditation since I was a teenager but I could never "turn my mind off". Even though the meditation with the gong sparked my interest, I still hadn't heard of sound therapy.

A couple of weeks later, our family puppy, Sophia, was diagnosed with epilepsy. The first few seizures were, for sure, made worse by my reaction and heightened anxiety. I soon realized that I needed a way to keep calm during her seizures. I began researching anything related to relaxation and found sound meditation and sound healing. I found the Soundbeings, sound healers practicing here in Halifax, and attended a couple of sound baths that were very transformational for me.


Not long after, I started my training in energy work, restorative yoga and sound therapy. I learned about the relaxation response and how important a relaxation practice is for overall health and well-being. Sophia still had seizures but I now knew how to remain calm and relaxed so as not to trigger her further. 

I have used reiki and sound healing to help Sophia, myself, my family and many others who have just begun their sound healing journey. I look forward to inspiring others and bringing sound healing to as many people as possible. 

Unfortunately, we lost our beloved Sophia on October 1, 2021. I will continue to honour her by helping others with the tools and techniques I have learned because of her. I bring her beautiful spirit and unending love with me to all of my sessions and everything to everything I do.

Sophia Prescott Corbett November 25, 2015 - October 1, 2021 


My Approach

My approach to Sound Healing focuses on nurturing your existing self-care routine or helping you begin a wellness practice. Primarily using Sound Healing techniques my main focus is to trigger the relaxation response and help facilitate the healing process. 

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